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Saturday, October 06, 2018

9 Days Japan Winter Itinerary: Kansai - Kanto (Infographic)

Hola everyone! It's been a while since I've written an article in I am The Flashpacker blog. Anyway, I just finished a couple of new articles in my other blog (Deffa's Journeys), where me and my wife went on a 9-day babymoon trip to Japan visiting Kansai and Kanto area. I want to share our 9 days Japan winter itinerary with all of you.

The initial plan for this trip was 12 days but due to some life changes (I moved to another company :P), we had to cut the trip days from 12 to 9. Nonetheless, the trip happened in February 2018 was fun because it was my first time experienced SNOW. :D

The main destinations which we visited are Osaka-Kobe-Kyoto-Takayama-Shirakawago-Kawasaki-Yokohama-Kawaguchiko-Tokyo. Believe me, Shirakawago and Kawaguchiko are worth it. Especially during the winter season, where all the area covered in snow, it's like a magical white wonderland.

To make it easier for everyone, I made the itinerary to an infographic. There are 2 parts of the infographic. You can find and download it below.

9 days Japan Winter Itinerary: Kansai - Kanto
9 days Japan Winter Itinerary: Kansai - Kanto 1 
9 days Japan Winter Itinerary: Kansai - Kanto
9 days Japan Winter Itinerary: Kansai - Kanto 2

Hopefully, the itinerary can help all of you who wish to visit Japan in the winter for the first time. If you find it useful, please help to share the URL of this article to your social media or website, I would really appreciate it. Of course, if you need the PDF file of this infographic just write your email in the comment section below, I would happily send it out to you. :)

The full story of this trip, you can find it in the below URL (however it's in Bahasa Indonesia):

9 Hari Babymoon ke Jepang: Kansai - Kanto

Anyway, if you need the 12 days itinerary in Japan, I happen to have it. You can find the itinerary below

12 Days Itinerary in Japan: Kansai to Kanto

Thank you and once again please share this article. :)


Unknown said...

Hi bruh, thanks for sharing your itinerary! Gw baru balik dari Jepang September lalu dan i was so impressed by Japan i think i am going there again next year... 😅. Lo sering juga ya ke Jepang, Deff? Nunggu AA bikin promo tiket mureh aja niyy... Cheers!

Deffa Utama said...

Ya Jepang emang menarik banget, gue baru 3 kali sih ke Jepang, tapi bakalan balik lagi tahun depan hehehe. Ya nunggu tiket AA pas promo Carnival atau Free Seat :D