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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Where to Sleep at Haneda Airport, Tokyo?

Where to Sleep at Haneda Airport Tokyo
Where to Sleep at Haneda Airport Tokyo

If you are asking this question "Can I Sleep at Haneda Airport, Tokyo?" That's the same question I asked when I went to Tokyo for the first time. The answer is "Absolutely, yes you can"

Then, raise another question "Where to Sleep at Haneda Airport, Tokyo?". For those of you who visit this blog to seek an answer, you come to the right place. Because rest assured I will tell and guide you step by step from the very first time you set foot in the Haneda Airport until you leave in the next morning.

Sleeping at Haneda Airport, Tokyo

Yes, you can and it is also very easy. However, most of the people will find it difficult, probably because it's their first time and also the lack of language skills: English & Japanese (don't worry even I can't speak Japanese). 

So here are some steps you should follow to Sleep at Haneda Airport:

01. First Time Arriving at Haneda Airport

If you are like me, always fly with a Low-Cost Carrier Flight, that would be Air Asia. If you're departing from Malaysia, usually there will be two times of arrival, they are 10:00 PM and 08:00 AM (Japan Local Time).

However, most of Air Asia promo fare always arrived at 10:00 PM and the last train depart from Haneda to Tokyo is 11:00 PM, that would be impossible to catch and it would be a waste of money to spend at Hotel only to sleep for 4-5 hours right?

This is what you should do. After you disembark from the aircraft, follow other passengers to the Arrival Hall. If you are confused, look above, there will be a sign that says Arrival Hall, follow it. FYI, Haneda Airport isn't as big as KLIA2 Malaysia, so there's no need to rush.

You will arrive at Immigration Check Point, prepare your Passport and don't forget to write the Letter of Arrival (I recommend to write it while still on board the aircraft, the flight attendant will give it to you).

Sleep at Haneda Airport Tokyo - Immigration Check Point
Sleep at Haneda Airport Tokyo - Immigration Check Point

02. Choosing the Spot to Sleep at Haneda Airport

After passing through the Immigration Checkpoint and claimed your Baggage (the location is just after the immigration checkpoint), you will be arriving at Arrival Hall. Then, the spot that I recommend you to sleep is located in the Landside Area.

Basically, there are two types of area in Haneda Airport, they are: Landside Area and Airside Area. Landside Area is the public area, usually consists of Arrival Hall, Entertainment Plaza, Food & Beverage, etc.

To go to Landside Area of Haneda Airport, we need to go down to the 1st Floor, because Arrival Hall is located in the 3rd Floor of Haneda Airport. Look at any elevator or lift nearby or you can ask direction to the security here.

03. Lawson Store area is the Good Spot to Sleep at Haneda Airport

There are many good spots to sleep in the landside area, you can pick whichever spots you like as long as it is on the Bench (of course you can sleep on the floor but it's cold).

However, I really recommend you to sleep near Lawson Store. Why? Because it's very convenience. Hungry or thirsty? Just buy directly to the store and it's cheaper than the restaurant area above. If you want to have a Shower, the toilet also has a Shower Room, however you need to pay 1030 yen / 30 minutes, that include a Drink Coupon.

Sleep at Haneda Airport Tokyo - Lawson Store
Sleep at Haneda Airport Tokyo - Lawson Store

Of course, there's a lot of electricity terminal to charge your Smartphone or Laptop, etc. Also, there are Toilet, Free Tap Water & Computer Internet Coin to use. Not to mention the securities are always standby 24 hours, don't worry the securities won't bugging you. Usually, they'll only do their round up circling this area (but, if you seem suspicious to them, they will ask for your ID, Passport and Flight Ticket).

Sleep at Haneda Airport Tokyo - Terminal Charge
Sleep at Haneda Airport Tokyo - Terminal Charge

04. Things to Remember When Sleeping at Haneda Airport

There are a few things that you should know when sleeping at Haneda Airport, yes it is free but still there are Rules that you need to follow:
  • Sleep on the Bench, because sleeping on the floor is Cold and it will raise the chance to be questioned by the security (sleeping on the floor is impolite in Japanese Culture).
  • Try to wake up at the first train depart at 05:30 AM Local Time. Usually at 4:30 AM will be a little bit noisy, so just wake up.
  • If the landside area and the benches are full, move to the 2nd floor but avoid the 3rd floor.
  • Don't litter, because cleanliness is Japanese Culture, we need to fully respect that.
  • Lawson Store opens 24 hours.
  • The information centre only opens until 08:00 PM, so after that time, you can ask the Security if you need anything, they speak English.
  • Try not to be suspicious, well you know what I mean.
  • Although it seems the bench is rather stiff but actually it's quite comfortable, you can lie down and use 1 row of the bench for yourself.
Sleep at Haneda Airport Tokyo - Lawson Store Dinner
Sleep at Haneda Airport Tokyo - Lawson Store Dinner

There you have it, it's simple right? Free and Time Saving. If you would like to ask anything about Tokyo and Kansai feel free to write your questions in the comment below.

Oh  yeah, here's my Field Report of my first time exploring Tokyo in 5 days, however, it's in Bahasa Indonesia, but you can always translate it with Google Translate.

 Perjalanan Unik 5 Hari di Tokyo


Deffa Utama said...
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Unknown said...

Wow thank you Deffa, this is helpful

Deffa Utama said...

your welcome :)

Unknown said...

Thank you for posting!
I’m at Haneda right now laying across a nice black bench on the 5th floor. Glad I got here early to stake my spot and nap before catching a 7:30a flight tomorrow!

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Deffa Utama said...

Oh at departure lobby of international flight, that's a good spot. Your welcome glad it could help. Have a safe flight. :)