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Sunday, July 16, 2017

5 Days Itinerary in Seoul to Nami Island

This time I would like to share with you all of my blog reader about my 5 Days Itinerary in Seoul, which I had visited back in 2015. It was my first time visiting Seoul the land of K-Pop (I am not a big fan of it, but I do love Korean Girls :P).

5 Days Itinerary in Seoul to Nami Island
5 Days Itinerary in Seoul to Nami Island

My first impression about Seoul was Chill (literally) because I visited in early Spring. So, you really need to prepare well for the weather, based on my experience it's colder in Seoul than in Japan while in Winter or Spring seasons.

For my first visit, my itinerary is based on the mainstream Seoul destinations, because I really want to blend in with the city, get to know the routes, subway, where local eats or hang out, etc. Basically, for me, the first impression is essential that's why following the mainstream destinations is a must.

Additionally, I had the chance to visit Nami Island and the surrounding destinations, it was awesome one day trip, this is a-must-visit, I really recommend this one.

I made the breakdown list by days so you can easily understand it.

5 Days Itinerary in Seoul to Nami Island

5 Days Itinerary in Seoul
5 Days Itinerary in Seoul

Here you go hopefully, this itinerary is useful for those of you who are going to Seoul for the first time and if you want to know how to buy T-Money, a useful payment card for any transportation in Seoul, click the link below:

Additionally, I have Japan itinerary that you might find it useful for 12 days Kansai to Kanto region, covers Osaka, Kyoto, Shirkawago, Tokyo, Yokohama and many more, click the link below:

12 Days Itinerary in Japan: Kansai to Kanto

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Note: If you want to receive the PDF version of this Itinerary, kindly message or comment me your email, I will send it later.


ex pramezty said...

please receive the PDF version of this Itinerary. (eka_pramesty90@yahoo.com)

Deffa Utama said...

Okay I'll send the PDF version to your email. Thanks

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